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St Luke's Hospital - Oxford

Welcome to St Luke’s Hospital.  We hope that our website will provide you information about our range of care services and the facilities we have on offer.  St Luke’s Hospital provides both long and short-term nursing care tailored to each person’s own requirements.  


We put our patients at the heart of our care programmes no matter what their needs are.  Our aim is to provide the very best care respecting each person’s individuality, dignity and privacy.   We have an ethos of compassion and understanding that runs throughout the organisation.


Our mission is and will always be, Caring for You

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St Luke’s Hospital is conveniently located in a quiet residential part of Headington, Oxford, an area which is also close to the main acute trust hospitals in the city.  We have a car park onsite and there is excellent access to public transport from Latimer Road for visitors to use if they do not drive.

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What people say about us

"A really friendly, professional and relaxed place to convalesce.  It was lovely to have the garden as well. From Matron to the cleaners, there was a warm family feel."

"I should like to thank you and all the staff who cared for my Mum. We had reservations about putting her into permanent care, but we believe she was very happy at St Luke's. We were particularly reassured and impressed by the attention she received, by the friendly and cheerful way in which all the staff dealt with her needs and her eccentricities. She was fortunate to belong to such a happy and friendly community.


"Life presents us all with many problems and occasionally much sadness but it can also provide us with many examples of human kindness and it is these that make life such a rich experience.  Mum's stay at St Luke's, right until the end, witnessed kindness and understanding in full measure," John

"Thank you for the lovely visit you organised on my father's birthday. It was a real treat seeing him on Friday and opening presents and having cake. He is not keen on birthdays but secretly, I think he enjoyed it and you had certainly gone to town with the bunting and balloons," Philippa

"It was very clear to us from the outset that Mum was the beneficiary of not just high quality health and nursing care, but also of great kindness and thoughtfulness from all who participated in her care - physios, OT, nurses, healthcare assistants and ancillary staff. It was striking to my mother's visitors, whether family or friends, were always offered a drink and even cake! When visitors brought flowers, a healthcare assistant would inevitably come up with a tasteful vase to put them in. These little things exemplify the holistic care and hospitality which made such a difference to us all," Anthony 

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The garden room at St Luke's Hospital
View of the private garden at St Luke's Hospital

Your health and wellbeing

Although we are called St Luke’s Hospital, our main role as a registered care home is to provide nursing and primary care.  St Luke’s Hospital has always prided itself on having its own physiotherapy and occupational team.


It is unique in the region to be able to offer this service in-house, with its own dedicated physiotherapy suite on site.  

As a leading provider of nursing care, St Luke's has developed a range of first class facilities to provide the best comfort and support for its patients and residents. The main Hospital building was extended in 2019 to add a new suite of ensuite-bedrooms and social spaces for all to enjoy in this peaceful part of Oxford.

We have a strong sense of community at St Luke's and understand the importance of enjoying time with one another, friends and family. 


The coffee shop on the ground floor provides an informal space for you to meet up with friends or family.  Likewise, we have a number of sitting rooms, include a garden room on the second floor with stunning views of our garden.  There is a hairdressing salon, library and activities room, with dining rooms located on each floor of the building.  


We are fortunate to have one of the most beautiful private gardens 

Our team are available if you would like to contact us discuss your care needs or if you are looking for support for a family member.

A holistic approach at St Luke's Hospital


Whichever service you or a family member may need, we always tailor our care to each person’s needs – we are all different after all.  


Our approach is what we call holistic, looking after mind and body.  We tailor each care plan in discussion with our patients and their family to ensure we are supporting every patient through all their care needs.  We take time to get to know our patients, understand who they are today as well as what their life has been before coming to St Luke’s and what their goals are for the future. All care plans are discussed with our patients through regular reviews so that we can be responsive to their needs at any time.