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Nursing Care

St Luke’s Hospital has been privileged to be called ‘home’ for so many people since its creation in the 1950’s.  The design of the building and its facilities has been developed to provide the best for our long stay patients or residents.  


Your care team


The benefits of life at St Luke’s Hospital start with our dedicated team of registered nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapist and healthcare assistants.  We have one of the most qualified and experienced team of healthcare professionals in the country, alongside some of the best facilities in the region.  Our GP visits twice every week to see all patients to discuss any updates to each person’s tailored care plan.  We also have access to an on call GP service.  The physiotherapy suite on the ground floor is equipped with the latest technology and resources to help build confidence and independence for all our patients. 

Working alongside our physiotherapy team, our Occupational Therapist will assess a person's difficulties and abilities, and use functional treatment approaches to increase participation, safety and independence in their day to day life.  This might include recommending specific aids, equipment and / or environmental adaptations to further improve their function.  Getting to know each resident, their preferences and a little of their life story enables a personalised approach to the support offered.


If a resident is coming to live at St Luke’s for the long term, the Occupational Therapist will will assess you for suitable seating or a wheelchair and either provide this for you or advise you accordingly to ensure you have everything needed for independent living.


Making it home


Each bedroom is furnished to a very high standard with an electric profile bed, armchair and wardrobe provided. If you would like to bring your own furniture to St Luke’s, that can be arranged to help you to feel most comfortable. Most bedrooms also have ensuite facilities which feature a walk-in shower. For days when you would like a soak in the bath, we have a therapeutic spa bathroom.

With our in-house professional kitchen lead by our Head Chef and our coffee shop, the hospitality at St Luke's Hospital is often one of the aspects people comment on when they come and stay with us or visit a family member. You can learn more about our approach to Hospitality.


Enjoying life

Our activities team work alongside the nursing team to provide a range of daily events or sessions that everyone is welcome to join. With a range of living rooms including our library, activities room, garden room and dining rooms, there is a wide choice of spaces where you can go and relax or take part in an activity. The team understands the importance of a social environment to enable people to feel connected and able to enjoy the company of others, especially for those whose may not have family nearby.

Professional musicians and other performers  regularly visit St Luke’s Hospital to bring a little of the theatre to the Hospital.

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