Consultants at St Luke's

We host a number of medical consultants and professionals at St Luke's Hospital on the ground floor. Details of their services can be accessed by clicking on each link below.

Please note that St Luke's Hospital is not associated with these services.

  • Dr Ari Manuel

Respiratory, Sleep and Ventilation Consultant

Dr MBBS (Imperial) BSc (Imperial) MRCP (UK) DPhil (Oxford)

Dr Manuel offers a sleep disordered breathing (SDB) and respiratory clinic weekly. He utilises the latest technology to enable a home based sleep study to confirm diagnosis and discuss treatment options for sleep apnoea.


To make an enquiry or book a zoom appointment please contact or telephone 07958938321


  • St Luke's Radiology - Please note that this is a company not managed or owned by St Lukes Hospital

Specialist Clinical and Imaging Services

We provide specialist clinical and imaging services at St. Luke’s Hospital in Headington Oxford, Oxfordshire.

To make an enquiry please call 01865 507446.  

You can also access their referral form by clicking this link: Patient Self Referral

  • Oxford Musculoskeletal Radiology

St Luke’s Ultrasound


Dr Simon Ostlere                Prof Eugene McNally             Prof James Teh 

Dr Catherine McCarthy      Prof Ramy Mansour              Dr Raj Chari   

Dr Graeme Thompson       Dr Yaron Berkowitz


Experts in Ultrasound for both diagnosis and injection treatment of joint, tendon, ligament & muscle problems, with links to all major local Orthopedic, Rheumatology and Sports Clinics. OMR provides ultrasound services to Oxford United and Premiership football clubs, England Cricket Board and Great Britain Olympic teams.

Contact:    Tel - 0800 170 1245


(Please note we are independent of St Luke’s Hospital. Please contact us directly as St Luke’s are unable to provide information).

The clinic is run by Dr Angela Anderson, Dr Vineet Joshi and Dr Roshni Karia.  We are all general practitioners with post graduate certificates in dermatology and surgical procedures.


Our aim is to manage patients who need removal of skin lesions, at reasonable cost. 


We can also give  detailed advice on acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, sun damage and other common chronic skin disorders.


We do mole checks if you would like annual screening.


We do botox and temporary fillers to slow the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and volume loss associated with the ageing process. We also treat overactive sweat glands with botox.


We are not linked to insurance companies; we issue an invoice when you book your appointment.


Patients can self-refer through our website or email or phone 07928 813489