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Physio helping a patient in the gym

Physio & Occupational Therapies

St Luke's Hospital is unique in Oxfordshire as a nursing home to host its own physiotherapy department. It has been long recognised that supporting patients from admission with physiotherapy and occupational therapy aids better recovery for patients. This enables patients to stabilise or improve their condition, gain greater independence and in turn gain confidence to live well.  


Physiotherapy at St Luke's Hospital


The physio, OT and nursing teams work closely together to provide the best care for our patients.  From admission, to the time they return home, patients can continue their rehabilitation or maintenance programmes at St Lukes.  


Some patients receive physiotherapy every day as part of their rehabilitation programme. For others, access to our range of exercise classes or a one-to-one session in our physio studio may be prescribed to help build up mobility and independence. Having a team to deliver this care at St Luke's enables us to provide a seamless service to ensure everyone receives the very best support. 

A typical day starts with a clinical handover with the team, followed by a catch-up with our activity co-ordinators. The team has a strong mission towards providing the highest quality care tailored to individual needs. 


Each patient on arrival receives a thorough review with the nursing team which includes both a physio and occupational needs assessment. 'Occupation" refers to any activity that is meaningful, valued and / or essential to a person's everyday functioning.  This could be getting washed and dressed, cooking a meal, going to work or taking part in a leisure activity. From this assessment, personal goals are set with the patient to achieve.  


How our Occupational Therapist supports patients and families


At St Luke’s, the occupational therapist will assess a person's difficulties and abilities, and use functional treatment approaches to increase participation, safety and independence in their day to day life.  This might include recommending specific aids, equipment and / or environmental adaptations to further improve their function.  The physiotherapy team will work with the patient utilising equipment during the patient's session to help build stamina, familiarity and confidence. Getting to know each patient or resident, their preferences and a little of their life story / lifestyle enables a personalised approach to the support offered. 

If a patient is here for rehabilitation, the occupational therapist seeks to understand the new difficulties that illness or ageing has presented for that person and how they might recover or adapt to the new challenges experienced in completing daily tasks.  


Activities to support the body and the mind


The activities team work alongside the nursing team to provide a range of daily events or sessions that everyone is welcome to join. With a range of dedicated living rooms including our library, activities room, garden room and dining rooms, the choice of what to do and when is very broad.


Professional musicians and other performers regularly visit to bring a little of the theatre or stage to the Hospital.


Collectively, the team works to ensure smooth transition from hospital to home and will liaise with outside agencies as needed.  Living a fulfilled, purposeful and enjoyable life is our mission. 

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