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Respite & Rehabilitation

Respite care is available for a patient who may need to stabilise their condition after a time in hospital, or for someone who needs a period of care to enable their family to take a break.  We also specialise in rehabilitation for someone who may need nursing following surgery for example and is not yet ready to return home.  


Coming to St Luke’s for a week or more as a short stay patient will enable you to access dedicated nursing care including physiotherapy.  During your stay, you can enjoy a range of daily activities or just relax in one of our sitting rooms or in our private garden.  Lead by our nursing team, you will receive the best care to support your respite or rehabilitation, helping you to return home safe and well. For your family, they can also enjoy a break or perhaps take a holiday to visit other family, confident in the knowledge that all your needs will be taken care of by our team of qualified nurses, physiotherapists and healthcare assistants. Our Occupational Therapist who can give advice and guidance on your home environment and equipment to make life easier and safer on your return home.


Take a look at our rehabilitation programme video to learn more about this service

Looking towards the future


For those looking for a permanent move to a nursing home, a short stay at St Luke’s Hospital will give you a good opportunity to see if it is the kind of home you are looking for. You can utilise a short stay to try out all our facilities and services before deciding on your permanent move.


All our facilities and services are available to each person who comes to St Luke’s, no matter how long you stay with us.  You can access our range of living rooms, the dedicated activities room where a host of art and crafts are available, enjoy the coffee shop on the ground floor or explore the gardens.  We have a salon for hair and beauty treatments, along with a spa bathroom for some deep relaxation.  Every day we run a programme of activities that range from music, to hobbies, the arts, exercise classes and a host of social occasions and events.

With our in-house professional kitchen lead by our Head Chef and our coffee shop, the hospitality at St Luke's Hospital is often one of the aspects people comment on when they come and stay with us or visit a family member. You can learn more about our approach to Hospitality


If you would like more information about our short stay programme, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we look forward to helping you with your enquiry.

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