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Our Hospitality

Food at St Luke's Hospital is a very important part of everyone's day - its the fuel to help people recover, the opportunity to try new foods and is one of the most important social times when patients gather together.

For many of us, we remember special occasions and events that feature eating with friends or family, or remember our favourite foods from our childhood.  As a way to give us energy, help repair bodies and unite us socially, food is important to everyone's day. For that reason, we take the time to get to know what our patients preferences are for each meal and combine this with their dietary requirements. This is all part of our care plan for our patients to aid their rehabilitation, recovery and health.

We cater for all diets - some patients may have difficulty swallowing or with chewing, so we can ensure they have food that is easy for them to eat.  Some patients have food intolerances or allergies or may prefer not to eat certain foods on a personal basis.  All these factors are discussed by our Head Chef with our patients on a daily basis to ensure we are providing the best meals and nutrition at each meal. 

Our team also enjoy cooking for special events in the Hospital around events, holidays and celebrations.  Birthday cakes are always something the team love to make.  We can organise afternoon tea for celebrations with friends and family.


Hospitality at St Luke's Hospital


  • Cooked breakfast with locally sourced eggs, bacon and sausages

  • Homemade granola

  • Variety of cereals

  • Variety of fruit juices


  • Fresh soups and salads made daily in our professional kitchen

  • Our daily menu meals are chosen from traditional British and a wide range of international favourites recipes

  • Lighter meals such as omelettes or tarts can be requested

Evening Meal:

  • We offer two to three main meal choices Including a salad

  • Patients also have a choice of 2-3 different types of sandwiches but can request other fillings

  • For dessert, we offer fresh and stewed fruits, live cultured yoghurts, ice creams and a selection of changing cheese plates

There are a wide range of teas, coffee and hot chocolate available.  We also take special requests for patients beverage favourites

St Luke's Hospital Coffee Shop 

We have a very popular coffee shop on the ground floor that many of our patients enjoy visiting during the day.  It is open to the public and is often a good place for friends and family to come and meet up with their loved one. 

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