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St Luke's Hospital's development - phase two has begun

St Luke's is now embarking on phase two of our improvement plan. We completed building our second floor in 2019 to increase the number of beds we could offer to the community and support more patients and long-stay residents. Now we are working on making improvements to some of our existing bedrooms.

Today, more of our patients are able to utilise mobility aids to help them with their recovery post surgery or for supporting their independence to move and walk around. Some of the bedrooms designed with the hospital back in the early 80's are not as accommodating as we would like in terms of layout and size. So we are now in the process of upgrading them - two rooms at a time.

The first two rooms are nearly complete! They will have more space so that patients can use the bathrooms without the need of assistance. We are looking forward to bringing you the photos of the competed first two rooms. There will be 20 rooms updated in all.

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