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How St Luke's Hospital is attracting national attention

One of our new care programmes is starting to gather interest from some of the key influencers of adult social care in the UK.

The 10 bed programme we are running to provide intensive rehabilitation for patients being discharged from acute hospitals started in November 2022. The aim of the programme is to maximise the number of patients who can return home following rehabilitation in a two week timeframe, rather than the standard six week national target. In fact, we are not only showing good results but achieving better results in getting patients home rather than into residential care.

Two of the leading lights in adult social care have recently visited us to find out how this programme works and more importantly, why it is working so well at St Luke's Hospital.

Professor Martin Green, Chief Executive of Care England paid us a visit in March.

Following his trip, Prof Green commented,

"Thank you and your wonderful colleagues for spending time with me today and showing me your very interesting, (and quite unique) rehabilitation services. I think your model is one that should be developed in many other areas, and could significantly change the experience of many people that are being discharged from hospital and enable them to return home."

Following Professor Green's visit, Michelle Dyson, Director General for Adult Social Care visited earlier with her colleague Stephanie Hollux this month.

Michelle said:

"Thank you so much to you and your colleagues for hosting us this morning. It was a really instructive visit in terms of learning about the practical realities of intermediate care. I was really struck by the value you get from having your own OTs/physios and by paying for extra time from your GP."


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