Passionate. Experienced. Dilligent. 

With staff that have over 20 years of nursing experience, they are committed to caring in a holistic and none intrusive manner. 


Care is at the centre of everything we do...

‘I hope that this finds you and your families safe and well in these extraordinary times. 


At St Luke’s the team is working tirelessly to protect our residents and ensure that St Luke’s remains free from Covid-19. We have introduced further stringent measures to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 in our patients and staff. Some staff have had to self-isolate at home because they have family members at home who are vulnerable, others chose to sleep at the hospital in order to reduce the risk of bringing the infection in or taking it home. Some generously volunteered their services to St Luke’s, others worked extra shifts, often at short notice, and a number have changed their roles to meet these challenging circumstances showing remarkable flexibility and commitment. 


After considerable searching earlier this year we managed to source vital items of personal protective equipment so that we can protect both patients and staff and can ensure that the high standards of nursing that we are renowned for are still met. At present there is more availability of these items. We have made an appeal on our website for any help that you might be able to give towards the unanticipated costs of this equipment and additional support nursing. 

Most of all, the management and trustees of St Luke’s are grateful to you the residents and your families for your understanding and support in the implementation of measures deemed necessary to tackle this challenging and evolving situation.’

Luke Ponsonby

Chairman of the Council of St Luke's

Make your room your own or.....

...let us support your independence and ready you for home

Providing you with the best staff for the best care.

The individuals who provide your care are just as important as the environment in which you receive it. Through our multi-disciplinary approach, we can provide the appropriate support when needed. 


St Luke’s staff are committed to caring for all patients in a holistic and non-intrusive manner. The staff strives to maintain the independence and self-esteem of the patients, in a comfortable, clean, individualised and caring environment.

Whether it is long term care or rehabilitation to enable independence at home; we want to support you in any way we can.


Following recrutiment, each staff member follows a training program that is refreshed regularly to build upon their skills and knowledge ensuring they are fully confident in the work being done and equipped to meet all of your care needs.  


Family of Palliative Care Patient

Not just the beneficiary of high quality health and nursing care, but also of great kindness and thoughtfulness from all who participated in care

Rehabiliative Care

I loved everything about St Luke's; the warm welcome, the relaxed atmosphere you can feel all around you, where encouragement takes the place of pressure.

Long Stay - Nursing Care

Thank you so much for making St Luke's the kind, caring, professional place it is. I cannot put into words how much it has meant to me. 

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