Recreational Therapy

With a creative spirit, the recreational therapy at St Luke's looks to respond to the individual and the activities which make their heart sing (not sink!)


The relationship between Therapist and resident is one of mutual respect and appreciation.

Contributing to the welfare of others is fundamental in

6 DIMENSIONS of WELLNESS that enrich lives are:

  • Purposeful activity

  • Emotional activity

  • Physical activity

  • Social activity

  • Spiritual activity

  • Intellectual activity

We have a month long schedule of activities and no day is without purpose.


Taking time to get to know each resident, activities can be tailored to individual preferences and values which alongside the Recreational Therapy team can be offered on a one-to-one basis or as part of the group activity program which encourages new friendships to develop and prevents loneliness or social isolation. 

Some of our activities occur on a weekly basis due to their popularity with residents, the rest of the program changes on a monthly basis. St Luke's Recreational therapy team welcomes ideas from residents and their families, some of whom have even performed for the residents themselves. 

September Events

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