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St Luke’s Hospital is an independent Registered Care Home with Nursing, offering both long-term and short-term care. We aim to provide a high standard of patient care, ensuring privacy, dignity, and freedom of individual choice. St Luke’s offers high-quality care in a calm, kind, compassionate way; It’s more than a hospital, more than a care home, more than just consultation suites. Residents understand this, describing the staff as family and see St Luke’s as a secure and trusted place to be.

St Luke's developed from the vision of Mary McMaster, a physiotherapist who set up a convalescent home in North Oxford in 1957. The Headington site opened its doors and had its first patients in 1982. It was registered as a charity which cares for dependent older persons, however, we accommodate people of all ages from 18+. We have remained a charitable organisation and are governed by the Council of St Luke's.

As a charity we recognise the importance of providing benefits to the Community. 

To do this we need to be commercially sustainable. We have to work to the highest quality standards, so that we can deliver real health benefits to those who come to us.

We offer a number of services particularly to those who have undergone operations and need support before going back home.

We have a range of excellent facilities. These are available not only for our residents but also to those in the wider community. For these services please see Care & Rehabilitation where they are described in more detail.

We benefit from having a registered manager (the Matron) being a registered nurse who has worked in the U.K as such for over 12 years. She has been at St Luke's for over three and is our former Deputy Matron. The Matron takes pride in our staffing levels and in the care we provided, confident that our team can meet the health and welfare needs of all patients/residents. 

The Matron is supported by the other members of the St Luke's Management team;

Richard Burden - Our CEO, who has over 25 years of experience in the care industry and he is a former registered manager.


David Kerr - Our finance manager and company secretary, who is a qualified chartered accountant and has had extensive experience in the private and public sector. 


Natalie Birks - Our operations manager, a graduate who came to us via the Skills for Care Management graduate scheme and is responsible for technology and innovation. 


Since opening St Luke's has developed in three distinct areas; 

St Luke's philosophy of care: staff are committed to caring for all patients in a holistic and non-intrusive manner. The staff strives to maintain the independence and self-esteem of the patients, in a comfortable, clean, individualised and caring environment.

St Luke's provides long-stay nursing care with a registered nurse on duty 24 -hours a day. We also offer short-stay and are equipped to provide respite, post-operative rehabilitation, and palliative care. 

The nursing team works in coordination with the physiotherapy and occupational therapy teams to develop your treatment plan for the duration of your stay with us at St Luke's.

Here at St Luke's learning and development is something we value and encourage. If ever our staff want to learn new skills or further their knowledge we strongly support them. We have a yearly training program that staff undergo to ensure that they are kept updated with any changes in policies, procedures, and ways of working.

We support our staff to complete external qualifications, we currently have several staff completing various level NVQ qualifications and two staff training to be assistant practitioners. 

As part of our building works, we have added an education and training room so we can further develop our training program with new staff courses being developed for 2020. 

We have several clinics that are based on-site, this includes, X-rays, C.T. Scans, Ultrasound, Dentistry, and Podiatry.

We are fortunate to have these services on-site and have several rooms that are available to be hired by new clinical services. 

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© 2019 St Luke's Hospital.  St Luke's Hospital is a trading name of St Luke's Oxford, a company limited by guarantee, and registered in England and Wales. Registration number 1989868.
St Luke's Oxford is also a registered charity registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales number 293522.

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